• How do I exchange / return items?
    1. Hconnect.com only allows the return of items purchased online. Unfortunately, we cannot accept product exchanges.
    2. For hygiene reasons, returns for personal items (such as some accessories and underwear) are not accepted.

    1. Please follow the "Refund Rebate" instructions on the receipt or contact the customer service center.
  • How do I join the membership?
    If you have not applied for an H:CONNECT membership:
    Click the "Register" button at the top of the page and enter the basic information to become a member and immediately start shopping!
    If you are an H:CONNECT member from our stores, please click the "Register" "Existing Member" for account consolidation.
    Please follow the instructions to complete the verification. We will be able to sync up your existing information, bonus points and other membership privileges.

    * Reminder: If you are unable to successfully receive your verification letter, please check the spam folder and mark the message as non-spam.

    If you do not receive the confirmation letter, please contact our customer service at [email protected]

  • Forgot your password?
    If you have forgotten your password, please click "Login" then click "Forgot Password" and then input the registered email. The system will automatically send the password reset notification to your default email. When you receive the email, please click the link in the text box to reset your password.
  • How do I change my profile details and password?
    After logging in as a member, please click "My Page" then "Edit Member Information".
    You will be able to change your login password and mailing address in this tab. Should you need to update your telephone number, please fill in the correct contact number when placing order or contact Customer Service.
  • How do I check my order status?
    After logging in, click "My Page" to check the status of the order.
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