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1. Online Shopping Instructions
Terms and Conditions : Please read the H:CONNECT Terms and Conditions before you make your online purchase.

Shopping process : Shopping → Checkout → Fill out the information  Choose payment methods → Order is completed.

Delivery : We will send the goods according to the estimated time of shipping and delivery (excluding weekends and national holidays) after the order is completed.

Order Inquiry : After you have completed the order process, you can use the "My Page" on the main page of the page, and click "Order Record Inquiry" to check the current order status.

Order Status



We are processing your order and will ship it within 7 business days.


Your product has been shipped, the courier will deliver it to the address specified.


Your item has been delivered and received / signed for.


Your order has been canceled.

Payment Failure

In case of disconnection, incorrect data or incorrect amount entered, kindly re-order the goods and check if your payment information is correct.

2. Payment Methods
Only online credit card payment is accepted.

Online Credit Card
After credit card payment, delivery will be processed.
Note: Please fill in the correct information at the checkout page to facilitate the bank's credit card verification. The credit card process uses SSL encryption which encrypts the relevant card number information. Credit card details will not be retained in the H:CONNECT database to ensure your transaction security.

Your receipt will be delivered with the ordered items. If there are any errors upon the receipt of the receipt, please contact customer service. If you want to return the goods, please attach the receipt along with the item for return. For further details, please contact the customer service.

3. Shipping
Shipping Instructions
We will send the goods according to shipping and delivery term (excluding weekends and national holidays) after the order is completed . After receipt of the goods, please immediately check to confirm the correct content of goods.

4. Member Benefits
Be an H:CONNECT member to enjoy exclusive deals!

How to join ?

With a one-time spend of SGD 80, customer can register to become a H:FANS member.
With a single SGD 380 purchase, customer can register to become a H:VIP member or H:FANS can upgrade to become an H:VIP with a cumulative purchase of SGD 380 within a year on and in stores (excluding department stores, atriums).


H:VIP Member Benefits:

Enjoy 20% discount (based on original tag price) on and in stores (excluding department stores, OUTLETs and atriums).
Additional 5% discount on items on, in stores, department stores (excluding department stores, atriums), not applicable to items that has 30% off or more.
Exclusive gift redemption or points redemption for H:VIP member.
Exclusive invites to member-only pre-sale events and promotions.
Point earning with cash spending.
Earn double points during your birthday month.
H:VIP members can exchange points for up to 75% of the value of the transaction.

H:VIP membership is valid for 2 years from the date of qualification.
For membership extension, H:VIP must have a cumulative consumption of SGD 380 (net of discounts) within the 2 year period of membership. If not, H:VIP will revert to H:FANS status without notification.
Earn 1 point with every $20 purchase (Example: If you spend $299, then spending will be rounded down to the nearest $20 ($280). $280 / 20 = 14 points earned)
1 point = $1 redeemable on your next purchase.
Point usage will be by $1 increments.
Points will be calculated after any discounts and coupon usage.
Points earned by the member will be credited to their account after 7 days of purchase.
Points are valid for 6 months from the day they are deposited into your account. If a new purchase is made within the 6 months, the expiry date of all existing points will be refreshed for another 6 months from the date of the latest purchase. Unused points will be removed upon expiry, without notice. Removal of points will be at the end of each month.
For personal data modification, member may visit any of the shops and fill out the request form.
H:CONNECT reserves the right to amend or cancel the membership upgrade if there are any product exchanges or refunds.

5. Transaction Security
H:CONNECT undertakes to protect your personal data on the basis of your consent to registration and granting of confidentiality and security.

Lottery or any promotional activities

When you participate in the raffle or any promotional activities on this website, the personal data you provide will be used as a means of verifying your eligibility and communication. H:CONNECT may also use this information for other related promotional communication with you.

Legal Disclaimer

1. All information contained in this website is for informational purposes only. H:CONNECT makes no warranties as to the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of the information contained herein and shall not be liable for any loss or damage of any kind arising out of or in connection with the content of this website (including tort law and contract law Liability, and other legal liabilities). In this case,
2. Although this site contains links to third-party websites, H:CONNECT has not participated in the making of such other sites, nor does it impose any editorial or other control over such sites. If you access or use such other sites, you must assume the risks that may arise. H:CONNECT disclaims any liability for the accuracy or content of the information contained in the links to such sites. The link to this site and the links to other sites contained on this website do not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by H:CONNECT to third parties or their products / services. In this case,
3.H:CONNECT makes no warranties as to the security of any information that may be sent to third parties or provided to third parties and is not a guarantee for any access to any other website through this website or through the use of this website Exchange of information, and any loss or damage suffered, any liability. In this case,
4. H:CONNECT shall have the right to disclose your personal data to a competent authority or to a third party who asserts that its rights have been infringed and provide appropriate proof:
1. In accordance with the provisions of the law, or in accordance with the judiciary, prosecutors and police organs and other legitimate organs of the legitimate requirements. In this case,
2. To protect the legitimate rights and interests of other members or third parties. In this case,
3. To maintain the normal operation and security of H:CONNECT website system. In this case,
4. You violate the terms of this agreement, and H:CONNECT the exercise of rights by law. In this case,
5. To help us better understand your preferences and shopping behavior, and to provide you with better service quality, the system will retain your visit to the Internet, the server to generate their own records, including your connection IP address, the use of time Length, the type of browser used, browse and click on what product information. In this case,
6. In order to distinguish between different users, the system will write cookies information to the member's hard disk, the main role in the storage of your preferences in the use of specific information, so you re-browse H:CONNECT website, cookies do not contain any The information that enables third parties to contact you via phone or e-mail. You can set cookies in the browser's configuration options. In this case,
7. In order to comply with market changes and government decrees, we will post notice notices on our web pages when we are required to amend the rules governing the use of personal data.

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