Privacy Protection

1. Membership Information and Protection

   Applicants should provide accurate and complete personal information in accordance with the contents of the membership application form provided on this website. If any of the provided information is changed, the Member shall promptly notify H:CONNECT Customer Service Center, and the Company may review the qualifications of the Members.
The information provided on this website is subject to review from time to time. In the event of any inaccuracies, errors or anomalies in this website, the Site may delete or terminate its membership. If there is any suspicion involved, this site and take the initiative to the judicial authorities.
   Applicants who have not attained the age of 18 should apply for admission to H:CONNECT after obtaining the consent and understanding of their legal representatives. Upon completion of the application process, the applicant is deemed to have obtained the consent and understanding of the legal representative. In case of error, the applicant and his / her legal representative shall bear full legal responsibility. The applicant (ie the member) agrees that H:CONNECT may provide this basic information to with its onshore and offshore affiliates, service providers and other agencies, for the purpose of delivering, marketing and providing services. The applicant may also request that the information be checked or viewed, request for duplicates of, request us to supplement or modify, request us to cease to collect, dispose of or use, or delete the personal information you provided. If the information is inaccurate or incomplete, membership eligibility may be affected and you will may not be able to enjoy benefits or receive communication or avail of the services offered.


2. Password and account protection
   After completing the application and registration, the applicant will be part of the H:CONNECT Loyalty Program and can obtain an account number and password to enter the Company's website. The user’s password and account number will be used as the basis for identification. In order to maintain the rights and interests of individual members, H:CONNECT members should maintain confidentiality of their own passwords and account security. Any login by an account will be considered as the member's own behavior and members will bear full responsibility. At the same time this site will be in accordance with relevant laws and regulations for security maintenance matters, to ensure personal information is not stolen, tampered with, lost, and leaked. In case of leakage, theft or other in reference to the password or account security, members shall immediately notify the site. The Company will cease to deal with the transaction and use or take other protective measures upon receipt of the members's notice. However, the above-mentioned notice does not imply that the Company is liable for any form of compensation or compensation to the member. In the event of any damage caused by intent or gross negligence of this website, the member shall be responsible for the damage.
   This website may provide information about the transaction information that has been fraudulently obtained at the request of the consumer. Upon confirmation, the website may provide relevant information within the scope of the information available to prevent the damage from expanding. For the collection, processing and use of consumer personal data, the Company may use the method of good faith in the context of the specific purpose stated in this statement. The Company also upholds the principle of good faith to handle and utilize the relevant information when the purposes of the contract are gone or the personal data are processed at the expiration of the time limit.

3. Link to website

   You may also link to or access other websites when you use the services of this website. However, without the formal written consent of this site, other sites are set up against the interests of this site.
The content and services of other websites mentioned in the preceding paragraph shall not be included in the services provided by this website, and the members shall refuse to enter the website. This website is not liable for any damages or disputes arising out of the contrary.

4. The use of the site

Members shall use the services provided by the Website in accordance with the following provisions:

  • You may not post or send advertisements or graphic, textual or other representations that are suspected of advertising.

  • Do not use other's personal information, password or account number to use this website.

  • Do not publish, transmit or distribute computer viruses or other graphic, textual or other representations that violate public order and good customs, laws and regulations.

  • Without the consent of this site, shall not engage in or lure a third person for sale, lease, gift or other acts of a commercial nature.

  • Do not infringe upon or suspected of infringing on the site or a third person's reputation, privacy, intellectual property rights or other rights of the act.

  • No other violation of laws and regulations or by the site that is not appropriate behavior.

   Members of this site from time to time to review the use of the situation. In case of any violation of the provisions of the preceding Paragraph, the Site may delete or terminate its membership. If there is any suspicion involved, this site and take the initiative to the judicial authorities.

5. Service Suspension and Interruption

   The system or function may be suspended or interrupted by the maintenance, alteration or change of the "Routine", the Website will notify the Member by notice or other appropriate means before the suspension or interruption. This website will maintain the normal operation of the member services in a reasonable manner and technology. However, if any of the following conditions, the site will be suspended or suspended members of the whole service or all, and therefore any inconvenience caused or damage, are not liable for any compensation or compensation:

  • The user has any violation of government regulations or the use of the terms of the situation.

  • Disaster or other causes of force majeure caused by the service to stop or interrupt.

  • In the event that the information on the member's services is not displayed correctly, or is forged, altered, deleted or retrieved, or the system is interrupted or is not working properly.

  • Relocate, replace, upgrade, maintain or repair the related hardware and software equipment.

  • Other services that are not attributable to the subject matter of this website may be discontinued or interrupted.

6. The intellectual property rights of the statement

   The software or programs used in this website, all published graphics, files, information, web design or other content, characterization, except as otherwise provided by law, have intellectual property rights and other rights. Without the prior written consent of any person, it shall not engage in any act of reshaping, altering, spreading or otherwise obstructing the rights and interests of the obligee.

7. Limitation of Liability

   Members of the use of this site, in the course of all the information recorded in the database to the information recorded shall prevail. In the event of any dispute, the parties will submit their electronic records in the best interests of the parties to the court or the third party for determination.

8. Protection of Privacy

   Membership registration and other specific information will be protected and regulated by the H:CONNECT Privacy Policy. Except in the following cases:

  • Based on the provisions of the law, or by the judiciary and other authorities based on legal procedures requirements.

  • To protect the legitimate rights and interests of other members or third parties in case of emergency.

  • Your conduct violates the terms of the Member Agreement.

  • To maintain the normal operation of the member service system.

9. Confidentiality of Information

   The Company understands or holds the transaction records and other relevant information of the consumer for the purpose of trading and will keep the security and establish the security mechanism in accordance with the transaction requirements. In the event of improper use of personal data, consumers are subject to damage, according to the relevant laws will be liable for compensation.

10. The validity, the applicable law and the court of jurisdiction of this declaration

   In this statement, any provision of the whole or part of the invalid, does not affect the effectiveness of other agreements. Members and the Company's rights and obligations, should be in accordance with the Internet standards and the Republic of Singapore laws and regulations, practices as the basis for treatment. If any dispute arises, the Republic of Singapore shall be the court of first instance. Any statement of the Company, if not perfect terms, will be the greatest sincerity, in accordance with the principle of good faith, equality and mutual benefit, and discuss solutions.

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